Mohammad Amanullah

Director of Broadcast & Government Applications

Mr. Mohammad Amanullah has been Director of Broadcast & Government Applications and Member of Advisory Board at nFüsz, Inc. since May 2, 2107. Prior to joining nFusz, Mr. Amanullah served as Senior Hardware Engineer for Lockheed Martin Corporation at Johnson Space Center in Houston responsible for video system design and development for NASA’s Mission Control Center (MCC), including the MCCS, MCC-21 and the International Space Station (ISS). As Video Lead for NASA’s MCC-21 and ISS programs, he redesigned the video systems and was the Training Coordinator for the platform engineering department. With more than 40 year’s experience, he also held senior engineering positions at Ford Aerospace Corporation, where he was responsible for systems design and development, configuration, coordination, implementation and testing of the data, audio and video transmission for the Space Shuttle Program. He also held a senior engineering position at the US Department of Treasury for the U.S. / Saudi Arabia Joint Commission.