John Cho

Sr. Vice President | Office of the CEO

Mr. Cho is best described as a futurist and polymath technologist. Just prior to joining nFüsz, Mr. Cho was President of MediaHub, an enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) focused on optimized HTTPs video delivery across complex networks. At MediaHub, Mr. Cho was responsible for designing Smart Cities for Al-Rheem Island, among others, as directed by Sheikh Mohammad in collaboration with Etisalat, Du, and UTT. Mr. Cho also consulted for Civiq (Comark) on LCD solutions for NYCity Link – currently deployed in New York City. Prior to MediaHub, Mr. Cho founded Toggle, Inc. and was invited to join Warner Bros’ accelerator, “Media Camp.” While there, Mr. Cho was solely responsible for developing a fully compliant supply chain for Walmart – and orchestrating the mass-production of VUDU, Walmart’s dedicated on-demand streaming video device. Mr. Cho was also involved in augmented reality projects at Google’s Campus.

Mr. Cho also played integral roles in such diverse projects as Hardware Tech Development for Patriot Missile Training Systems, Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base, Interactive Video Display development for Mission Control at NASA, as well as designing and collaborating on the unification of Air-Space Command, Army Mobile Command Centers, and Emergency Operations Centers – across the country. A naturally strategic and creative planner, Mr. Cho played an integral role in collaborating, co-designing, and orchestrating national digital signage deployments for many notable luxury retail brands and QSR chains all over the world, including LVMH, United Center, and US Cellular Field.