is a modern digital engagement platform. It’s Facebook meets Instagram for the CRM and business world. Allow your audience the same immersive digital experience they know and love. Engage and sell with them digitally first, the same way they’re accustomed to consuming content.

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notifiCRM allows anyone to become a video marketing and sales expert. With easy-to-understand analytics, users know exactly who watched their videos, how many times, for how long, and which calls to action in the video were clicked.

What’s Under The Hood

Interactive Video

Add calls to action in your videos. Your leads can click to buy, click to schedule an appointment, even click to call you—without leaving the video.

Video Manager/Editor

Quickly upload with YouTube video links, or mp4 from your computer. Easily view, add, and edit interactive buttons in your video.

Lead Manager

Add tags to sort and auto-sort your contacts. Save time by targeting “hot” leads

Email Creator

Drag and drop your interactive videos into pre-designed email templates, or create your own.

Social Share

Easily share your interactive videos with your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Check out your click-by-click video analytics, and target who to follow up with next. Set up automated actions and watch the sales roll in.


Simple pricing. Cancel at any time.

Success Stories

“I have been a Mompreneur and Wifepreneur for four years now, and I am passionate about helping other people create more freedom and financial independence in their lives. What I love about notifiCRM, is that it helps people achieve those goals quicker,” Maree Moran

Alpha Network Marketer

“The power behind our marketing strategy lies in the fact that our sales team consists entirely of FES members and Agents, each of whom has used and benefited from our programs, and can testify directly to their efficiency. notifiCRM ensures that our message is communicated in a cohesive, consistent manner, and with notifiCRM’s unique interactive video capabilities, interested parties can respond to our call to action right in the video, increasing our conversion rates exponentially. It’s the perfect software solution for our business. In fact, it’s probably the perfect software solution for any business,” Alfred Nickson

Sr. Vice President, Financial Education Services

“The challenge many of us face today is how to break through the social media clutter to communicate our latest news, ideas, and strategies for our clients and prospects to cope with an ever changing political and economic landscape. Then I discovered notifiCRM, nFusz’s incredible interactive video-based client communications tool that literally commands attention and communicates my messaging in ways no other tool on the market is able to do” Ed Butowsky

Managing Partner, Chapwood Investments, LLC

Our Products

Our notifi suite includes a full line of interactive video tools that actually help you sell. From our interactive video CRM platform to our live stream broadcasts, you’ll find exactly what you need to revitalize your marketing toolbox. Just watch as your levels of engagement and your conversion rates skyrocket.
Our flagship product is the world’s first interactive video-based CRM. It’s an enterprise-class, fully scalable platform, built around our core interactive video technology. While other CRMs track customer engagement, notifiCRM creates customer engagement.
Bringing interactive video to the healthcare sector.
Bringing interactive video to the education sector.
Allows customers to livestream interactive content with dynamic placement and insertion of interactive elements, viewable on any browser or smart TV.
Allows customers to create interactive media destinations for broadcasts, VOD, and livestreams, viewable on any browser or smart TV.
Bringing interactive video to the nonprofit sector.

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