notifiCRM is our flagship product. We built an enterprise-class, fully scalable platform around our core technology for the creation and delivery of interactive videos as the centerpiece of a CRM and Lead Generation solution for any sales-based organization.

It is a cloud-based SaaS product, offered on a subscription basis, as a fully branded white labeled desktop, mobile, and web-based application – or embedded in clients’ existing applications via an API. This Product has what we believe is industry-leading features and functionality that leaves even the large incumbent players generations behind us.

Most other CRM apps are really sales force tracking applications designed to allow management to track the daily activities of sales people.

Our CRM application is designed to give salespeople the tools they need in today’s video-centric world to SELL – not just report.

The CRM platform features include:

  • Import of .csv files or direct import of contacts lists from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail allowing the user to send individuals or groups interactive video messages
  • Drip campaign creation and management
  • Downline management
  • In-app chat and messaging (video chat and full conf call capability coming soon) with customers and downline reps;
  • PUSH–TO-SCREEN delivery of messaging (even when the recipient’s browser, email, and text messaging programs are closed);
  • VIRTUAL SALESPERSON – 3-D looking interactive ‘walk-out-style’ videos, with transparent backgrounds that play on top of any other open application.

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